PDF. 43 pages.

Print and go! This hands-on, hole-punching activity is highly motivating for students and a great way to get lots of artic practice! Students pronounce a word containing their targeted sound 5 times, and then they get to punch a hole in the smiley face below it. Their goal is to make their way around the paper and say all 16 words 5 times (for a total of 80 times). If you don’t have a hole punch available, students can color in or stamp the smiley faces.

All sounds are included (one target sound per page) in all word positions possible, including blends. Also included are 3-, 4-, and 5-syllable words, CVC words, and CVCV words.


Full Contents:

Page 4: /b/

Page 5: “ch”

Page 6: /d/

Page 7: /f/

Page 8: /g/

Page 9: /h/

Page 10: “j”

Page 11: /k/

Page 12: /l/

Page 13: /l/ blends

Page 14: /m/

Page 15: /n/

Page 16: /p/

Page 17: /r/ postvocalic

Page 18: /r/ prevocalic

Page 19: /r/ blends

Page 20: /s/

Page 21: /s/ blends

Page 22: “sh”

Page 23: /t/

Page 24: “th” voiced

Page 25: “th” voiceless

Page 26: /v/

Page 27: /w/

Page 28: “y”

Page 29: /z/

Page 30: 3-Syllable Words

Page 31: 4-Syllable Words

Page 32: 5-Syllable Words

Page 33: CVC Words

Page 34: CVC Words (Same Consonant)

Page 35: CVC Words (Alternating Front/Back Consonants)

Page 36: CVC Words (Alternating Nasal/Oral Consonants)

Page 37: CVCV Words



Page 38: Initial Voiceless Consonants

Page 39: /nd/ in Words

Page 40: /nt/ in Words

Page 41: /ŋk/ in Words

Page 42: /ŋg/ in Words

80 Trials Articulation Hole Punch Challenge