Great for drill or games such as Memory, Charades, and Go Fish! Introduce new learners to a variety of verbs or challenge more advanced learners with distinguishing between verb nuances.



· 90 Flashcards

· Optional back of cards design (pg. 3)


Verbs Included:

Biting, blowing, bowling, brushing, building, bumping, carrying, catching, cheering, chopping, clapping, climbing, cooking, counting, crawling, crying, cutting, dancing, digging, diving, drawing, drinking, ducking, eating, falling, fixing, hammering, hiding, hopping, hugging, ice skating, ironing, jogging, jumping, kicking, kissing, kneeling, laughing, laying down, licking, lifting, listening, mopping, mowing, painting, petting, playing, pointing, popping, pulling, punching, raking, reading, riding, roller skating, running, scratching, scrubbing, sewing, sharing, shouting, singing, sitting, skiing, sledding, sleeping, sliding, slipping, smelling, sneezing, standing, stretching, surfing, sweeping, swimming, talking, throwing, tiptoeing, touching, tripping, vacuuming, walking, washing, watching, watering, waving, whispering, working, writing, yelling


PDF. 18 pages

90 Action Words Flash Cards