This is a game for Pre-K—2nd grade in speech therapy, RTI, ESL/ELL, and learning centers. It targets comprehension of spatial terms, such as: front, back, beginning, end, between, ahead, behind, next to, far, close, upside down, etc. It can be played with one or more students.

Students need to arrange the animals in the train cars according to the directions given to them. There are 16 different sets of directions for completely arranging the train cars, each containing 4 cards. Choose a set and read the student the directions on the cards in order, starting with number 1, one at a time. After each card, give the student feedback by showing them the picture on the card. For more than one player, alternate turns and give a token to players who have successfully followed directions. The student with the most tokens at the end of the game wins. The SLP can use the Score Card to check off whether the student has correctly followed directions including the targeted words.

16 Sets of 4 Cards
8 Cut-Out Animals
1 Game Board
1 Page of Tokens
SLP Score Cards

Print out all pages single sided. Laminate everything except the Score Cards. Cut out tokens, Animals and Cards.
To prepare the game board, laminate the pieces together. Cut slits at the top of each car for the cut out animals to be placed in.

Animal Train: Following Spatial Directions

  • PDF, 19 pages