For your tablet or computer. Grades K-3.

This product assesses aspects of language expression and comprehension aligned with the Common Core State Standards. This is not a norm-referenced assessment, but rather a tool for clinicians and teachers to estimate a student’s proficiency in a variety of curricular language skills. Scores can be used to determine a student’s relative strengths and weaknesses and help inform the decision–making process in planning for interventions or further assessments.

Two scoring sheets are included: one with suggested pass/fail criteria, and the other without. The Common Core State Standards behind each testing item are included.



4 screeners (1 per grade), scoring sheets, and Common Core State Standards assessed.


*No Print!*

While this product can be printed out, it was intended to be downloaded onto a tablet or computer in PDF form and displayed as such, picture by picture, to the student. It is recommended that the scoring sheet be printed out so the student’s responses can be recorded.

Common Core Language Screeners, K-3

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