Great for speech therapy! Students learn to label and identify correct irregular plural noun forms through matching singular and plural noun pairs. Other tricky plural formations are also included (i.e., adding “es” to singular nouns ending in sibilant sounds [s, z, ʃ, tʃ, dʒ], as in “bus” and “buses”).

Grades Pre-K through 3rd.



Print out pages 4-13 double sided. Laminate and cut out cards.

Review singular and plural cards with students. Select card pairs and lay them out upside down on the table (like a Memory game). Have player 1 pick one card. Before they try to pick the match, have them give the correct singular or plural form of the card they picked. When students make a match, they get to keep the match. The player with the most matches at the end, wins.



▸ 30 Sets of Cards

▸ Back of Cards


Irregular Nouns Included:

▸ box/boxes

▸ bus/buses

▸ cactus/cacti

▸ calf/calves

▸ child/children

▸ deer/deer

▸ die/dice

▸ elf/elves

▸ fish/fish

▸ foot/feet

▸ fox/foxes

▸ goose/geese

▸ half/halves

▸ hoof/hooves

▸ leaf/leaves

▸ loaf/loaves

▸ louse/lice

▸ man/men

▸ moose/moose

▸ mouse/mice

▸ ox/oxen

▸ peach/peaches

▸ person/people

▸ scarf/scarves

▸ sheep/sheep

▸ tooth/teeth

▸ watch/watches

▸ witch/witches

▸ wolf/wolves

▸ woman/women

Irregular Plurals Match Up!