Great for quick artic, these cards target the phonological process of cluster reduction in /s/ blend words through comparing these words with their /s/-less minimal pairs (e.g., sleep/leap, spool/pool).



· 53 minimal pairs cards (/sk/, /sl/, /sm/, /sn/, /sp/, /st/, /sw/)

· Back of cards design (optional)


About the Pairs:

Research has shown that when children simplify /s/ blends, it is usually the first member of the consonant cluster (the /s/) that is omitted, (e.g., /smok/->/mok/). The exception is when the clusters contain a liquid or glide (/sl/ or /sw/). In these cases, the second member of the cluster (the /l/ or /w/) is typically omitted (e.g., /swIm/->/sIm/). The pairs included in this product primarily target deletion of the /s/ in /s/ blends. Examples of deletion of /l/ and /w/ from /s/ blends have been included as well, however.


Preparing the Cards:

Print the cards double-sided with back of cards design (pg. 3), if desired. Laminate and cut out on dashed lines. Store on metal binder ring for easy access and storage.

Minimal Pairs Flash Cards: S Blends

  • PDF, 12 pages