Introduce your students to homonyms with this memory game! 24 pairs of photo cards with short, concise definitions of multiple meaning words. Great for speech therapy and ESL groups.



This game targets homonyms (words that sound the same and are spelled the same but have different meanings).



Student will generate 2 definitions of a multiple meaning word.



Review selected homonym pairs with students. Then mix up cards and place face down. Have student pick one card. Read the word and its definition (e.g., “trunk: an elephant’s nose”). Then have the student attempt to give a second definition for that word (e.g., “trunk: a container used for storing clothes”). The student then tries to find the card that has this second meaning on it. The student with the most matches at the end of the game wins.

After the game is played, I test student knowledge by naming homonyms we have learned and asking the student to provide 2 definitions of them.



▸ 24 pairs of homonym cards

▸ Back of cards


Homonym Pairs:

▸ bark

▸ bat

▸ bowl

▸ brush

▸ calf

▸ clip

▸ crane

▸ ear

▸ fly

▸ horn

▸ jam

▸ mouse

▸ nail

▸ pit

▸ pitcher

▸ pool

▸ punch

▸ ruler

▸ seal

▸ shake

▸ sink

▸ train

▸ trunk

▸ wave

Multiple Meanings Match Up!