Great for speech therapy!


Many young students have difficulty using correct gender pronouns. This is a simple matching game that helps kids discriminate HER/HERS from HIS/HIS and correctly use these pronouns in simple sentences (the object pronouns HER and HIM are included as well).


There are 30 masculine-feminine card pairs. The back of the cards differs according to pronoun gender. To play the game, print pages 4-23 double-sided. Laminate and cut out. Select the male-female pairs you want and lay them face down, with feminine gender cards on one side and masculine cards on another. Have the student pick a card from the female side and describe the picture using the correct feminine pronouns. Then have the student try to find the corresponding card from the male side. The student with the most matches at the end of the game wins.



▸ 30 pairs of pronoun cards

▸ Back of cards


Pronoun Pairs:

▸ This is her/his….dog, balloon, tablet, drawing, snowman, scissors.

▸ It is her/his turn to … sweep, vacuum, dust.

▸ Her/his leg is broken.

▸ This ___ is hers/his: dinosaur, car, float, cookie, skateboard, drink, pillow, teddy bear, trophy, cat.

▸ This ___ belongs to her/him: lollipop, bottle, kite, ball, headphones, toy car, crown, towel, backpack, bike.

Possessive Pronoun Match Up: His and Hers