Great for active young learners, these preschool-themed task cards let your student engage with their whole body while learning a variety of vocabulary, such as action verbs, animals, parts of the body, and words that denote feelings.



▸ 60 Task Cards

▸ Optional back of cards design



When introducing these cards to my students, I select about 5-10 cards, turn them over, and let the student draw from these (they like the element of surprise!). I read the direction on the card and have the student try to imitate the picture. In subsequent sessions, using these same cards, I let the student draw a card without looking at it, hand it to me, and I read the direction. If they are unable to follow the direction correctly, I show them the card and have them imitate it. If they correctly follow the direction, I show them the card to reinforce the concept. As the student becomes more proficient at following directions, I increase the number of cards for them to draw from or have them pick two or more cards at a time.


Preparing the Cards:

Page 3 can be used as the back of the cards, if desired. Print desired pages double-sided with page 3. Cut out cards and laminate for durability.


Directions Included:

▸ be tall like a giraffe

▸ blow a kiss

▸ clap your hands

▸ count to three

▸ cover your eyes

▸ crawl

▸ cross your arms

▸ flap your arms like a bird

▸ give me a thumbs up

▸ hop like a frog

▸ hop on one foot

▸ jump

▸ laugh

▸ look down

▸ look up

▸ make a big leap

▸ make a mean face

▸ make a sad face

▸ make a scary face

▸ make a silly face

▸ march

▸ point to your ears

▸ point to your eyes

▸ point to your mouth

▸ point to your nose

▸ point to your tongue

▸ pretend you are a cat

▸ pretend you are a cobra

▸ pretend you are a flamingo

▸ pretend you are a kangaroo

▸ pretend you are an elephant

▸ pretend you are an ostrich

▸ pretend you are cold

▸ pretend you are hot

▸ puff out your chest

▸ put your arms in front of you

▸ put your hands behind your back

▸ raise one hand

▸ raise your hands

▸ sit criss-cross

▸ slither like a snake

▸ smile

▸ stand on one foot

▸ stand up

▸ stick out your tongue

▸ swing your arms

▸ tiptoe

▸ touch your cheeks

▸ touch your hair

▸ touch your head

▸ touch your knees

▸ touch your shoulders

▸ touch your toes

▸ touch your tummy

▸ twirl

▸ waddle like a duck

▸ walk like a bear

▸ wave hello

▸ wink your eye

▸ yawn


PDF. 13 pages.

Preschool Following Directions Task Cards