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*Microsoft Excel required!*
This is a complete articulation assessment that targets American English phonemes in words and sentences. It contains 23 stimulus images to elicit target sounds and an Excel scoring workbook.
Using the Excel workbook is simple: Enter the student’s DOB and gender, a “1” for correct and a “0” for incorrect, and you’re done!

Results, referenced on the Iowa-Nebraska Articulation Norms, are instantly displayed in charts and graphs containing the following data:

- Age-Level Sounds not yet Mastered
- Accuracy: All Sounds in Words and Sentences
- Accuracy by Word Position (Words and Sentences)
- Accuracy by Manner of Articulation (Words and Sentences)
- Accuracy by Place of Articulation (Words)

Progress can be measured by giving Assessment 1 prior to initiating therapy, and Assessment 2 during or after the course of therapy. There are two charts that monitor progress by comparing performances on both assessments:

- Progress Monitoring: All Sounds in Words
- Progress Monitoring: Age-Level Sounds in Words

Self-Scoring Articulation Assessment