Great for speech therapy! With Silly Popsicle Sentences, you build short, grammatically correct sentences as you add layers to your popsicle. It’s a fun way to target formulating sentences with just the right amount of silliness! Work on pronouns ("he" vs. "she"), subject-verb agreement, using modal auxiliary verbs, and negation.



· 24 People cards

· 14 Auxiliary Verbs cards

· 16 Action cards

· 24 Object cards

· 2 Popsicle sentence boards

· Back of card designs



If you would like the back of the cards to be labeled, print pages 3-22 double-sided. Otherwise print odd-numbered pages. The sentence boards (pgs 23-24) can be printed single-sided or double sided. Laminate everything for durability and cut out cards.



This activity can be used in many ways. Stack cards upside down in piles according to color. For group therapy, have students each draw from a different pile and place on the correct spot on the Popsicle Board. Once all the cards are on the Popsicle Board, the students each take a turn speaking the silly sentence that has been created. Extension activities can include correcting semantic absurdities, answering “what” and “who” questions, and developing the sentences into a short story.

Silly Popsicle Sentences