These flipbooks are a fun way to target formulating sentences with just the right amount of silliness! Students practice grammatically correct sentences while coloring and assembling their book. Once the book is completed they get to create their own silly sentences by varying the top, middle, and bottom of the pages.


Books Included:

· Pronouns & Present Tense Verbs (e.g., "He cleans the house.")

· Pronouns & Regular Past Tense Verbs (e.g., "They cooked a burger.")

· Pronouns & Irregular Past Tense Verbs (e.g., "She threw snowballs.")

· Pronouns & Helping Verbs (e.g., "He can smell a skunk.")

· Pronouns, Helping Verbs, & Negation (e.g., "She wouldn't wash the dog.")

Silly Popsicle Sentences Flipbooks