Your students will love practicing their speech and language goals while feeding their elephant puppet peanuts (the targets are on the peanuts)! This product includes the elephant puppet template, instructions, and a massive number of speech and language targets - something for everyone on your caseload!



You will need a paper bag, glue, scissors, and crayons.

Print out the elephant template (only 1 head and mouth are needed per craft) and a page of peanuts corresponding to your speech or language target. Have the student color in elephant and peanuts. Detailed directions are given for assembling the paper bag puppet. Once assembled, students practice the targets printed on the peanuts and then “feed” the elephant by sliding a peanut through the slit in its mouth!



Page 3: Directions

Page 4: Elephant Template


Page 5: 1-Step Directions (w/ pictures)

Page 6: 1-Step Directions (no pictures)

Page 7: 2-Step Directions (w/ pictures)

Page 8: 2-Step Directions (no pictures)

Page 9: Attributes

Page 10: Categories (name the category)

Page 11: Categories (name what belongs)

Page 12: Compare & Contrast

Page 13: Hypothetical ?s (w/ pictures)

Page 14: Hypothetical ?s (no pictures)

Page 15: Inferences

Page 16: Irregular Plurals

Page 17: Listening Comprehension

Page 18: Multiple Meaning Words

Page 19: Object Functions (w/ pictures)

Page 20: Object Functions (no pictures)

Page 21: Object Associations

Page 22: Opposites

Page 23: Pronouns

Page 24: What ?s (w/ pictures)

Page 25: What ?s (no pictures)

Page 26: Who ?s (w/ pictures)

Page 27: Who ?s (no pictures)

Page 28: When ?s (w/ pictures)

Page 29: When ?s (no pictures)

Page 30: Where ?s (no pictures)

Page 31: Why ?s (w/ pictures)

Page 32: Why ?s (no pictures)

Page 33: Spatial Concepts


Pages 34-36: /b/ initial, medial, final

Pages 37-39: “ch” initial, medial, final

Pages 40-42: /d/ initial, medial, final

Pages 43-45: /f/ initial, medial, final

Pages 46-48: /g/ initial, medial, final

Page 49: /h/ initial

Pages 50-52: “j” initial, medial, final

Pages 53-55: /k/ initial, medial, final

Pages 56-59: /l/ initial, medial, final, blends

Pages 60-62: /m/ initial, medial, final

Pages 63-65: /n/ initial, medial, final

Pages 66-68: /p/ initial, medial, final

Pages 69-71: /r/ prevocalic, postvocalic, blends

Pages 72-75: /s/ initial, medial, final, blends

Pages 76-78: “sh” initial, medial, final

Pages 79-81: /t/ initial, medial, final

Pages 82-84: Voiceless “th” initial, medial, final

Pages 85-87: /v/ initial, medial, final

Page 88: /w/ initial

Page 89: “y” initial

Pages 90-92: /z/ initial, medial, final

Page 93: CVC Words

Page 94: CVCV Words

Page 95: 3-Syllable Words

Page 96: 4-Syllable Words

Speech and Language Craft: Elephant Puppet