Sample Documents

All names and data are fictitious. Included below are some of the most common school speech therapy documents: the IEP, the REED, and the speech and language eval report. While the format and content will vary from district to district and state to state, the following documents are given as examples and will give a general idea of the nature of each document.


IEP stands for "Individualized Education Plan". It is a special education blueprint that documents the student's strengths and needs as well as what services, programs, and/or accommodations the student will receive. Goals are included to address the student's deficit areas.


Below is an example of a simple IEP. It is for a student who is eligible for speech services only. 



<-FAPE date is date of publication

<-This is an   initial  IEP


<-   Persons who attended  IEP

<-   Special   education  eligibility 

<-   Parent   concerns

<-   Language  strengths

<-  Artic  strengths


<-  Area   of  need

<-  Extended  school  year



<-  Other areas   of  need

considered but rejected

as  unnecessary

<-  Repeat of strengths and needs

<-  First  IEP goal

<-  Educational  standard  that   corresponds to goal


<-  Short-term benchmarks

<-  Second  IEP goal


<-  Progress report statement

<-  Student will be in least restrictive environment

<- Programs  and services

<- Transportation  statement


<- Other  factors considered


<- District  where services will be provided

<- Parent consent


A review of existing evaluation data (REED) looks at a student’s existing data to determine if additional data are needed as part of an initial evaluation or as part of a reevaluation. The group conducting the REED decides whether assessments are necessary to determine whether the student continues to have a disability, whether the student's present levels of performance have changed, whether the student continues to require special education services, and/or whether the student needs additions or modifications to special education services.

reed 2.png
reed 3.png
reed 4.png
reed 5.png
reed 6.png
reed 7.png

<- Demographics

<- Plan  date and due date

<- Purpose of REED

<- REED  team

<- Present levels of performance

<- Data needed

<- Evals to be conducted

<- Parent notice and consent

<- Other options considered

<- Where evaluation will take place

reed 8.png

Speech & Language Eval Report


Below is a fictitious complex evaluation report. It involves speech sounds, language, as well as fluency.

met 1.png

<- Demographics

<- Speech  history

met 2.png

<- Artic & Phonology Section

met 3.png
met 4.png

<- Student errors are in bold

<- Phonological processes

<- Intelligibility based on sample

<- Language eval

met 5.png

<- Analysis of Speech Sample

met 6.png
met 7.png

<- Fluency section

<- Diagnostic summaries

met 8.png

<- Recommendations

met 9.png

<- Language data in chart form

met 10.png

<- Language sample